Dr/ Shady Shalby

General Manager Speech

It is no difficult to create a specialized training institute or a general one according to the investment and the procedural standards. That the market is widely opened to all. And thus the main conditions is not that difficult or hard , as well as that the training market accommodate more researchers who are seeking for rehabilitation , modification and development in all fields either they are young researchers who asked for jobs or those who want to modify their abilities and skills in their own jobs . So, in general the market is encouraging and promising. But it only needs to be read correctly from the right corner. When we talk about Quality field ,then it isn’t divisible especially with the shortage of professionals and trainers in that field as well the insufficient numbers of scientific and applied studies for quality with its different kinds in our Arab world. Despite all this and with God’s will and the will of those men who choose a very clear goal to achieve , then put their own strategy to apply which subjected to a lot of evaluation and follow up . the result was the splendor name of Al Mustaqbal Institute for Quality which reserve a very advanced seat in the first raw among the different respectable centers and institutes , which contributes their experiences in the establishment of our institute “ Al Mustaqbal Institute for Quality in Dubai” for training under the supervision of “ Knowledge and Human Development Organization” which referenced in its scientific base and management to a very high supreme consultant includes a bunch of professional and academic members in several fields. Al Mustaqbal institute began to achieve its goals, and now it provides the best quality standard in training in co-operation with “ Faculty and Leadership Development Center” in Cairo University , and with a group of best trainers and professors to guarantee the development and qualifications needed by young Arab researchers for themselves and for the market too in accordance with the latest scientific methods in modern training.

Mission and Vision


Creating one of the leading institutions in the Middle East in developing and rebuilding the Arab societies through developing the educational system in all fields, and at all levels as well as the work on the deployment of Arab Education worldwide.


Regarding the quality of the final product for education process “student” and the work on creating new generation consistent and in line with the national and international standard for education quality who will be able to upgrade the Arab societies through the rehabilitating, modifying and developing the professionalism of the Arab teachers using the latest and best methods in education and learning field as well as developing and producing the Arab curricula. Also our institute helps in discovering and developing the talented abilities in the early stages. Al Mustaqbal Institute for Quality works very hard to spread the educational quality culture inside the Arab communities and to change the traditional management way inside the educational organizations, it also contributes on activating the latest technological applies in the educational field, organizing conferences and events in that direction.

برنامج الاداره

الحكومات الذكيه


الدبلومات المتخصصه



جدول الكورسات العامة

تقويم 2017


Gehat title


المؤتمرات القادمه

إعداد مراقب لجودة التميز الحكومي (نظام السبع نجوم)
دبي - فندق حياة ريجينسي

يهدف البرنامج إلى إكساب الموظفين المهارات والخبرات العملية وصقل معارفهم في مجال التميز الحكومي من خلال ورش العمل والمشاريع الميدانية التي يتم تطبيقها في مجموعة مختارة من الجهات في القطاع الحكومي والقطاع الخاص والتدريب على معايير منظومة التميز الحكومي من خلال اعداد مراقب لجودة التميز الحكومي.

Last confrance

إعداد مراجع لجودة التعليم العربي
جدة - مؤتمر خبير 1

مؤتمر مهني تربوي متخصص في إعداد كوادر عربية خبيرة في مجال التعليم تكون قادرة على تقييم أداء المؤسسات التعليمية.

خبير التميز في سعادة وايجابية المتعاملين
دبي - الملتقى التدريبي

مؤتمر يهدف الى تأهيل المؤسسات للحصول على نجوم التميز الحكومي والتدريب على معايير خدمة العملاء بالتميز المؤسسي من خلال أهم برامج التطوير الحكومي.

إعداد اخصائي بطاقات الجودة والتقييم
البحرين - مؤتمر خبير 2

مؤتمر مهني تربوي متخصص في إعداد كوادر عربية خبيرة في مجال التعليم تكون قادرة على تصميم بطاقات الجودة والتقييم لدى المؤسسات التعليمية.

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Creative program

The importance of this program is that it concerns by kids from 8 years old to the age of 15 years old, this category which declared by psychological professors as the golden age. Also, the technology rapid development requires a preparation of fast absorption ability generation.


Talent and innovation teachers

Talent kids should be psychologically guided as they are the most vulnerable kind if they don’t find the sufficient care which cover their needs and develop their educational methods as well as guiding their community.